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Our Services


Cement Mixing & Pumping

We provide clients with top of the line cementing services that cater to their specific needs and requirements. From small projects to large complex jobs,  we have experience dealing with all sorts of parameters. We are here to provide well cementing services to the Appalachian Basin.

Downhole Camera Imaging

Cemenco Services is now providing downhole camera video inspection services. We provide our services for any inspection need including: Casing Split Inspection, Fishing Assistance, Leak Detection, Production Monitoring, and Tank Inspection

Oilfield Equipment Rental

We are currently renting out oilfield equipment to clients in Ohio and beyond. Our equipment includes Mud Pump, Power Swivel, 4' x 10' Steel Plates, 1" Tubing, and More. Click HERE for details and specifications on our equipment options. 


Well Cementing

Cementing new wells for production.

Well Plugging

Properly plugging and abandoning wells.

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